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Lawrence Udell

Founder and Chairman

California Invention Center

Lawrence Udell is the founder and Chairman of the non-profit California Invention Center created at California State University in 1995 with federal funds. He has taught courses on New Ventures for over 40 years at universities throughout the United States and in foreign countries for WIPO (United Nations).

A member of the Licensing Executives Society since 1982, he founded the Silicon Valley Chapter in 2000. Professor Udell provides consulting to both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, and lectures frequently at inventor, corporate and government functions throughout the United States. He has also created special inventor educational programs for the USPTO.

In his decades of consulting, Udell has launched over 30 new ventures and worked with the world-famous Stephen Hawking, Bill Lear, Jim Fergason, Forrest Bird, Paul MacCready, etc. He is Vice President of American Innovators for Patent Reform and a Senior Consultant to General Patent Corporation. He also serves as a corporate officer and board member of companies and in his illustrious long career has mentored thousands of inventors and their startups.

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