Financial Aid Office
New Mexico Tech

Financial Aid Office

The mission of the New Mexico Tech Financial Aid Office is to assist in the reduction of financial barriers for those who wish to pursue a post-secondary education.

New Mexico Tech makes every effort to make our undergraduate education affordable for everyone: new students, continuing students, and transfer students. Assistance comes in the form of institutional scholarships, financial aid, and student employment.




Institutional scholarships are based solely on your grades (high school GPA, standardized test scores, and college grades if you are a transfer student). You do not need to demonstrate financial need for an institutional scholarship—only your own academic merit.

In addition to scholarships, we offer financial aid, which includes:

To receive Financial Aid (loans, grants, work-study, etc.) in addition to a scholarship, fill out the FAFSA. New Mexico Tech's Title IV code for federal financial aid applications is 002654.