Research Developement Training

The following are a series of Brown Bag Luncheons held in Speare (CITL) at noon, on the first Friday of the month. For more information or to register to attend email

New Biosketch Requirements – September 6
NSF and NIH have designated the NIH SciENcv (Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae) as the approved format for submission of biographical sketch(es) and is encouraging its use to prepare a biographical sketch for inclusion in proposals. Beginning with the next iteration of the PAPPG (anticipated effective date, January 2020), NSF will only accept PDFs for biographical sketches that are generated through use of this NSF-approved format. This session will go through how to create a biosketch in the new system. Faculty are encouraged to bring a laptop and work on their biosketch during this session.

NIH Review Criteria 
How do you address each of the NIH review criteria? Where do NIH reviewer’s look for the
information in your proposal? This session will discuss how to best address the NIH review
criteria in your proposal.

Writing Reviewer Friendly Text – November 1
Ever get the reviewer comment that you didn’t discuss something when you clearly did? We will discuss how to write text that helps the reviewer find information in your proposal.

NSF Requirements and Documents –February 7
Every January NSF updates its Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG), the document which lists all NSF requirements for proposals. This session will update faculty on current NSF requirements.

NIH Specific Aims Page – March 6
This session will discuss what should be on a specific aims page. Bring your own specific aims page and we will review it.

Proposal Planning – April 3
Our instinct is to just start writing. But, if you spend an hour planning your proposal before you start you can save a lot of precious time. This session will look at what can you do before you start writing to make your proposal more effective.

External Research Opportunitites 

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NSF Regional Conferences Training


CITA – Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (research ethics and compliance)