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NMT Human Resources

Employment Opportunities

You may send applications for job postings to:

New Mexico Tech, Human Resources Office

801 Leroy Place

Brown Hall

Socorro, NM 87801-4796

For more information on job listings contact Rosa Jaramillo (575)-835-6962

All regular positions also entitle the employee to several benefits including, health, dental, vision, life insurance, and retirement which is largely paid by New Mexico Tech for the employee and dependents.


NMT Positions and Pay Grades 2022


Assistant Professor/ Chemical Engineering

Business Administrative Specialist/ Budget & Analysis

Administrative Secretary II/ Registrar Re-Open 9/27/22

Scientific Illustrator/ Bureau of Geology

Publications Editor/ Bureau of Geology

Vice President for Research/ Office of Research

Petroleum Geologist/ Bureau of Geology/ Revised 9/21/22

Administrator/ High Performance Computing System/ ITC

Groundskeeper Lead/ Facilities Management

Assistant Golf Professional/ Auxiliary Services/ Golf Shop Revised 9/21/22 

Research Engineer I (3)/ EMRTC

Administrative Secretary I/ EMRTC

Conference & Event Coordinator/ Auxiliary Services Macey & Fidel

Coordinator/ IT Support/ ITC

Instrumentation Engineer I (2)/ EMRTC

Instrumentation Technician I/ EMRTC

Test Range Operator Trainee (2)/ EMRTC 

Roof Laborer (2)/ Facilities Management Revised 9/14/22

Manager, Internal Control/ Business Office

Staff Scientist (Magnetotellurics)/ IRIS PASSCAL Re-Open 9/8/22

Explosives Chemist I/ EMRTC Re-Open 8/31/22

Test Range Gunner I/ EMRTC Re-Open 8/30/22

Arms, Ammunition & Explosives Control Specialist/ EMRTC Re-Open 8/30/22

Assistant Professor/ Chemistry

Library Tech II/ Library

Irrigation & Spray Lead/ Facilities Management

Greenhouse Technician/ Facilities Management

Business Operations Supervisor/ ITC

Staff Scientist/ Hardware Engineer (2)/ IRIS PASSCAL Re-Open 8/15/22

Senior System & Network Administrator/ ICASA

Financial Operations Specialist (2)/ Southwest Innovation Alliance

Instructional Support Technician/ ACT Revised 8/4/22

Tech Transfer Process Specialist II/ Southwest Innovation Alliance

IP Support Specialist/ Southwest Innovation Alliance

IP & Commercialization Coordinator (2)/ Southwest Innovation Alliance

Circulation/ OSL Coordinator/ Library

Public Service and Instructional Librarian/ Library

Director, National Hydrological Innovation Center/ Office of Research

Research Engineer/ Langmuir Laboratory

Web Developer/ EMRTC Re-Open 7/7/22

Carpenter I/ EMRTC

Field Geologist (Bedrock Mapper)/ Bureau of Geology

Senior Postdoctoral Scholar- Instrumentation/ MROI

Postdoctoral Scholar- Instrumentation/ MROI

Laboratory Technician/ Petroleum Engineering

Director, EMRTC

Hazardous Materials & Laboratory Safety Specialist/ Compliance & Safety

Policy Analyst & Training Specialist/ Compliance 

Groundskeeper/ Irrigation (2)/ PRTC

Software Engineer I/ MROI Re-Open 4/20/22

Hardware Specialist/ IRIS PASSCAL

Police Officer (2)/ Campus Police 

Accounting Technician/ Business Office Re-Open 3/11/22

Custodian (3)/ PRTC- (Located in Playas, NM)

Postdoctoral Research Associate/ Computer Science & Management

Telecommunication Network Technician &/or Senior/ ITC

Public/ Instructional Librarian/ Library

Postdoctoral Fellow/ Earth & Environmental Science

Business Administrative Specialist (2)/ EMRTC

Supervisor Computer Services/ ITC

Information Security Operations Analyst (2)/ EMRTC

Preventative Maintenance Associate II/ Facilities Management

Financial & System Analyst/ Budget & Analysis

Arborist/ Facilities Management

Lead Custodian/ Facilities Management

Mechanic I/ EMRTC Revised 5/7/21

Post- Master's Researcher (3)/ ICASA

Post-Bachelor's Researcher (3)/ ICASA

Intern/ ICASA

Post-doc Research Fellow/ Computer Science

Curriculum Developer/ EMRTC

Software Developer (4)/ ICASA

IT Database Administrator/ Software Engineer/ EMRTC


NDPC Consortium Liaison/ Office of Research

Explosive Safety Officer/ EMRTC

Test Range Operator III/ EMRTC

Ordnance Tech II/ EMRTC