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NMT Facilities Management

Facilities Central Office

Front Desk - Central Office - Work-order Station

Normal workdays are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - noon and 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. The front office, located in the Facilities Management administrative complex due west from the Golf Course parking lot, is the hub for operations by way of work requests, emergencies and table-and-chair or vehicle rentals. Phone: 575-835-5533.

After hours, please call Campus Police at 835-5434. Campus Police has a stand-by list and can call Facilities Management personnel for emergencies such as lock-outs, floods and broken windows.

About the Front Desk:

Currently we have on staff one full-time Admin. Secretary reporting to the Assistant Director, Business.

Facilities Management has four telephone lines and takes up to 250 phone calls a day.

Other Front Desk duties include:

Maintenance Services

Maintenance services include any work done to keep the building running and in good operating condition. Services are limited to maintaining existing structural, electrical and mechanical components. The following are examples of maintenance activities the Facilities Management performs at no cost to campus departments:

Custodial services

Preventive maintenance to all major building components



Hard floors

Chargeable Work-order Requests

Given that Facilities Management funding is based on maintenance needs of the university's buildings and grounds, many services not covered under maintenance - including building modification - are billed back to the departments. The following are examples of services that would fall under the "billable" category:

Other special services offered by Facilities Management include:

Please direct any questions or concerns about the content of the Facilities Management's website to facmgmt@nmt.edu