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General information about the ITC academic lab logins

Academic Lab Logins

The Academic Labs allow students access to computers & software to do homework & Faculty to use computers in the classroom with the same set ups as their students. It is a part of the single sign on ecosystem & shares credentials with the new Dynamic Forms, as well as a few other programs & sites.

    1. Get your password by logging into Banweb and navigating to Personal Information / Academic Lab Password.
    2. Log in to any Academic Lab machine using your 900# and your temporary password. Staff Members can do this on their work computers as well, if you log in with your 900#.
    3. Change your password, the system should prompt you to do this.
    4. If you experience any problems, please contact us at help@nmt.edu or 575-835-5700. 

Known Issues?

The known issues can be found here.

Have a question?

Take a look at the FAQ page. If an answer to your question isn't listed, please contact the ITC Help Desk at help@nmt.edu or 575-835-5700. You can also visit us in Gold 101.