Information Technology and Communications


Here you can find a list of ITC services and corresponding prices. This list is kept as up to date as possible, but please remember this is only an estimate and is provided to you as a guideline. All prices are subject to change.

Service   Cost
General Labor   $50.00/hr
Computer repair: Desktop support   $50.00/hr
Administrative Network    
(Standard PC Client)    
NET1 10Mb Network Connection $14
ADMCLT Admin Net Services Surcharge $19
ADMAPP Application Space Surcharge $15
RSACARD RSA Card Services $12.50
  New RSA Card Hard Token $80
  New RSA Card Soft Token $60
(Special PC Client with NO Admin Privileges)    
NET1 Client with NO admin privileges $14
Network Printer    
ADMPRT Connect Printer to Network $20
Campus Network    
NET1 10Mb Network Connection $14
NET100 100Mb Network Connection $14
NETEU 10Mb Network Connection (Client owned equipment) $7
NET1G 1Gb Network Connection $21
Wireless Internet Access    
NETWL Wireless Internet Access $14 per user per month