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Prior NMT Strategic Plans 

2027 Five-year Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan Task Force was formed in 2022, with faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members. The committee met throughout 2022 to draft vision, mission, and value statements and strategies for continued growth and development of the university. Based on committee discussion and input from the NMT Campus Community Listening Tour (six sessions), the committee identified six strategic themes, defined as a set of related goals, with associated key objectives, tasks, and potential metrics to pursue over the next five years, as follows: Empowering Student Success, Enriching Engaged Learning, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Driven Excellence, Amplifying Research, Energizing Community, and Financial Resilience. 

In March 2022, President Wells and the Oversight Committee (i.e. Campus Vice Presidents) of the NMT 2027 Strategic Plan Task Force  Committee created an Executive Boards (eBoard) comprised of the campus AVPs to take the lead in creating a 5-year plan (i.e. 2023-2027).  Below is the eBoards Charge:


NMT Strategic Plan

During the Strategic Planning process NMT also updated its Vision, Mission, and Values. This update can be found at NMT Vision, Mission, and Values (Fall 2023).

All comments and suggestions should be sent to the Strategic Plan Executive Board at