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We have implemented a new graduate application system using GradCAS and EngineeringCAS. Please see below for the link to the correct application cycle for your program. All applications except for pre-degree and non-degree graduate status are to use these systems. For pre-degree and non-degree graduate admission, please send email to graduate at nmt dot edu and request a "special graduate application".

Depending on the semester you are applying for, you will need to select the correct cycle in the CAS system. Please read the message to the left of the login on CAS to ensure you are logging into the correct cycle. The system supports copying your data from the old cycle to the new cycle and will walk you through the process if you have already begun an application to the old cycle. Our cycles are Summer - Spring, so the new cycle begins with the Summer 2019 semester. 

Please note that when you click on the application links below, you will be leaving NMT.EDU and be directed to a site built for applying to NMT's graduate program and later to an associated site to accept payments. NMT is not responsible for content (except for the descriptions of our programs) or privacy policies on other sites.

Application Assistance

In the Centralized Application Systems linked below, our 2017-2018 cycle includes the applications for Spring 2019. Applications for Summer 2019 - Spring 2020 will be posted later this month. 

Graduate Degree Programs

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Distance Education Programs

Graduate Minors

Academic Department Graduate Minor Offered
Mathematics Applied and Industrial Mathematics, Operations Research and Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Analysis
Physics Physics

 * = Specialization or Dissertation within the Graduate Degree Program