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Graduate Programs

Notice to Prospective Graduate Students

This page is currently under construction! If you are interested in applying, you can do so here. To be assured of consideration for assistantships and fellowships, applications should be admitted by January 15th. The spring deadline listed on this page is not applicable to this department. The general and subject GREs are no longer required for admission.


Programs (2020-2021) catalog:

The program descriptions and requirements outlined below are for informational purposes only. Please consult the most recent catalog for the current official documentation. If you have any further questions regarding the department or any of the information below, email the physics department here: physics@nmt.edu

Master of Science Program

The Master of Science degree in Physics may be earned with thesis or independent study: 

  • With Thesis: The student’s course of study and thesis topic must be approved by the student’s advisory committee. A thesis consists of directed research, and a write-up of the research. An oral defense of the thesis is required. The thesis is an archival document published electronically and kept in the NMT Library.
  • Without Thesis: The student’s course of study must be approved by the student’s advisory committee. The student’s committee may require additional coursework beyond that listed below. A student who elects to not write a thesis may or may not participate in research, but they typically write a paper on a topic selected with guidance by the advisory committee. Unlike a thesis, this paper is not archived electronically by the NMT Library. 

General Requirements

In addition to the general master’s degree requirements, all students enrolled in the Master of Science degree in Physics must satisfy the following course requirements:

  •  All students must complete PHYS 501 (2) and 502 (2) in their first two semesters. 
  •  PHYS 509 (3) 
  •  PHYS 505 (3) or 521 (3) 
  •  PHYS 579 (1), 
  • Graduate-Faculty seminar must be taken for the first four semesters. 6 credit hours chosen from PHYS 508 (3), PHYS 510 (3), PHYS 518 (3)

Doctor of Philosophy Programs

PhD in Physics - General Requirements

Preliminary Examination

All graduate candidates must pass a preliminary examination, within a timeline dependent upon their undergraduate preparation and the degree being sought.

Preliminary Examination Procedures (pdf)


PhD Candidacy

The main purpose of the candidacy examination is to evaluate the student's ability to complete dissertation research.  The process of petitioning to PhD candidacy, and the logistics of the candidacy examination are described below.

PhD Candidacy Procedures (pdf)