Department History

Last Updated August 22, 2023

Here you can find information on past graduates, department chairs, etc.

Department timeline

Physics Department Chair History

Marx Brook —1979
Bill Winn 1979—1983
Ross Lomanitz 1983—1985
Dave Raymond 1985—1994
Alan Blythe 1995—2000
Jim Weatherall 2000—2001
Tim Hankins 2001—2002
Kenneth Minschwaner 2002—2004
Dave Westpfahl 2004—2010
Ken Eack 2010—2013
Michelle Creech-Eakman 2013—2016
Richard Sonnenfeld 2016—2019
Lisa Young 2019—2022
Sharon Sessions 2022—

For any changes or corrections to the chairs list, contact Kathryn Leavitt to make adjustments. The Information in the timeline was collected from "Storms Above the Desert" and "College on the Rio Grande." Photos were collected from the New Mexico Tech Archives.