NMT eduroam Information Page

General Information

The eduroam service allows traveling NMT faculty, staff, and students to connect securely to external eduroam wireless networks, using their NMT SSO IDs (usernames) and passwords, at participating colleges and universities located in more than 60 countries around the world.

eduroam is a federated access wireless "Network" that is broadcast at participating Educause sites. This allows NMT active employees and students to use remote eduroam wireless networks (and potentially other services) and members of participating eduroam entities to access NMT's eduroam network.

Many Higher Education Institutions, National Labs, government agencies, foreign public and educational institutions, and even private institutions participate in eduroam federation.

Who can use eduroam

This service is available to all NMT faculty, staff, and students at participating universities and participating Educause sites. If you need assistance with this configuration, contact the NMT help desk.


Getting Started

No need to sign up. Simply configure your device using normal Wireless Help pages.

When you are at a participating institution, select eduroam as your wireless network.
To log in, enter your NMT SSO ID + @id.nmt.edu (e.g. 900567890@id.nmt.edu) and your NMT SSO password. Your NMT ID is used to connect to services such as Dynamic Forms and other SSO services.

Learn More

A list of participating institutions is available at the eduroam site.

Data Security

eduroam is a WPA2-encrypted wireless network. For more information on data security while using eduroam, see the eduroam website.


For assistance, please contact the NMT Help Desk.


eduroam is a free service to current eduroam participants.


Setting Up of the eduroam Wireless Network

If you are a NMT faculty, staff, or student, please use your SSO ID@id.nmt.edu. If you are a visiting user, use your institution's full federated ID (e.g. full email address or login id @institution domain) to connect.