ITAR / EAR Email addendum to the NMT Import/Export Compliance Manual

New Mexico Tech has migrated to Google Apps for Education as its email solution. Google does not restrict information transiting its servers to U.S. only servers managed by U.S. citizens. As such, Google Mail service is not adequate for, and cannot be used by, New Mexico Tech personnel to transmit or receive export controlled information. To solve this problem, New Mexico Tech will provide a Microsoft Exchange Server for transmission and receipt of emails containing export controlled information.

All individuals conducting communication regulated by ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) / EAR  (Export Administration Regulations) will be required to use the Microsoft Exchange Server. Under no circumstances shall Google Mail be used for ITAR/EAR restricted communication as it is not ITAR/EAR compliant.

If you plan to use email to send or receive ITAR/EAR controlled data please let ITC know, so we can establish your account on the Microsoft Exchange Server. We can be reached at 575-835-5700 or

If you have any questions regarding ITAR/EAR please contact the Research and Economic Development group at 575-835-5646 or view their website at