Types of Gifts
NMT Office for Advancement and Alumni Relations 

Types of Gifts

Planned Giving

Endowed Scholarships 

Tech maintains hundreds of endowed scholarships that you can contribute to; most of them are memorial scholarships.  Many are based on a student's department, academic standing, or special interests. You can begin a scholarship with any amount, however a scholarship is not considered to be “endowed” until it reaches $15,000, at which point it is able to sustain itself in perpetuity. You can donate to an existing scholarship or create your own.

Endowed Chairs

Donors can endow a chair in the department of their choice. Through such a gift the donor can fund a research position, direct a course of research, or simply augment the department's existing resources. Many donors wish to support the departments where they studied. Companies with special interests often support ongoing research in their field of expertise.  There are many ways to endow a chair.

Departmental Gifts

Donors may choose to give any gift amount to the department of their choice. They can also specify where and how they want their gifts used. Common gifts include departmental scholarships, funding for travel, graduate students, and research equipment.

Special Gifts

At any time New Mexico Tech may be working on a special fundraising project. In addition to large-scale building projects, donors can also support specific university projects such as student clubs, the golf course, landscaping projects, or memorial benches. These special gifts help New Mexico Tech  grow while allowing donors to support their special interests.

Annual Giving 

New Mexico Tech also accepts non-monetary gifts such as real estate and stocks. All gifts to New Mexico Tech are tax-deductible due to our non-profit status.

To learn more about establishing a named fund, please review the guidelines for Establishing Named Funds at New Mexico Tech.

For more information about how to donate to New Mexico Tech, please contact Colleen Foster, Director of the Office for Advancement, at colleen.foster@nmt.edu or call 575.835.5352.