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Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate Programs

BS in Mechanical Engineering

Program Descriptions

Mechanical engineers in industry must be able to interact with many engineering disciplines, so they are required to take courses in other engineering disciplines. Also, because mechanical engineers design and manufacture components and systems, they are required to take courses that emphasize the engineering design/definition process. The mechanical engineering graduate engineer should be well equipped to undertake a professional engineering career in any technology that he or she chooses.

The mechanical engineering program at New Mexico Tech offers the students hands‐on laboratory experience in fluid and thermal sciences, mechanics of materials, vibrations, mechatronics, dynamic systems and controls, instrumentation, and measurement. Junior and senior mechanical engineering students work on design projects for two years that range from the Baja SAE® vehicles to aerospace aircraft design.


New Mexico Tech awards minors for your secondary field of study. While the number of credits required for a minor vary from department to department, a minimum of 18 credit hours is required. Students cannot earn a minor with either the Associate of General Studies or Bachelor of General Studies. You must declare a minor and be assigned a minor advisor prior to completing the coursework for the minor.