Mechanical Engineering Junior and Senior Design Clinic

Updated: August 1, 2019

The Mechanical Engineering Design Clinic is a 2-year capstone course sequence that provides students the opportunity to work on real-world problems and to develop unique solutions.  Each Design Team includes students at both the Junior and Senior levels, guided by a faculty mentor and industrial sponsor.  Annually about 20 teams are sponsored.  Below is a summary of some recent teams and their final techincal posters that are presented at the end of each year.  

Our design clinic is supported each year through external sponsor donations, alumni donations, and internal department funding.  If you would like to help our design teams by donating to the Mechanical Engineering Department Design Clinic Fund, you can do so here:

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LUVOIR Optimization 

LUVOIR is a modular telescope design that incorparates a heat transfer system to maintain the temperature of internal instruments. This thermal system is made of a porous composites and a junction for human serviceability and is expected to replace the hubble telescope.  

Sponsor: NASA

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ashok Ghosh

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Amphibious Drones

The Amphibious Drones team is designing a cost effective marine research drone that can operate on a automated platform with limited human input. 

Sponsor: Dr. Mostafa Hassanalian

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Automatic Retrieval Media System (ARMS unit)

The ARMS unit team is designing a DVD storage system that will replace the current system with in the NMT Skeen library. 

Sponsor: Dr. David Cox

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NMT Baja SAE Design Team

Baja SAE is a design team dedicated in constructing a personal single seat off-road competition vehicle from scratch. Their competition is held every year in various locations and students get the chance for real world engineering experience. 

Sponsors: New Mexico Tech, Thermal Transfer Products, NMT Student Government, Rainbow Ryders, Solidworks, NMT Mechanical Engineering Department and NMT SGA

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Monitoring Device

This design team is constructing a cost effective and affordable ankle monitor for ex-cons. 

Sponsor: Dr. Curtis O'Malley

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Desert Rose Biomedical Prosthetics Team

This team is dedicated in producing a upper-limb prosthetic that allows the user to conduct many physical athletic activites in their day-to-day lives. This team is also using 3D printing to reduce the cost of the prosthetic in cooperation with the Desert Rose Biomedical Lab startup company in Albuquerque. 

Sponsor: Mr. Israel Rodriguez-Rios

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Electronic Playing Card Reader (EPCR team

This project was created by Kris Haskins for the purpose of indentifying the suit and number of the cards held in front of a camera and are described in headphones for the visually impaired. 

Sponsor: Kris Haskins 

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Hazardous Fluid Containment System

This project involves testing aluminum alloys for spacecraft material by putting the sample in contact with fluids hazardous to humans and putting them under long term strain to review the effects. 

Sponsor: Paul Spencer P.E. and Mark Leifaste

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bin Lim

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Infrared Target

The design project is constructing a infrared target that can used to test calibrated airborne guided munitions from NAVAIR weapons research facility. 

Sponsor: Matt Boggs, Eric Frisbee, Ken Smith, NAVAIR

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Jim Ruff 

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In Orbit Structural Health Monitoring

This project is designing a payload house ufor several structural health monitoring experiments by experiments from the ISS. 

Sponsor: NASA

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrei Zagrai

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Mechanoluminescent Impact Sensing Team (MIST)

This team uses a 3-D self-sensing composite material (3D-ISSC) for structural health monitoring. The team uses Fracto-Mechanoluminescent Material (EuD4 TEA) that can identify the location and severity of the impact for other frames. 

Sponsor: New Mexico Tech Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Donghyeon, Dr. Peter Anselmo, Dr, Jamie Kimberly

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Musical Hopscotch

In partnership with the Cottonwood Valley Schools, Mr. Ruff and a team of students are working on a modular hopscotch device that will resonate a sound when stepped on by a person and can be placed on public playgrounds in the city of Socorro. 

Sponsors: New Mexico Tech and Cottonwood Valley Schools 

Faculty Advisor: Jim Ruff  

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Ring IR Inc. Absorption Resistant Pathway

This team is developing an explosive detection device using a coanda effect nozzle.  This nozzle creates a low pressure area inside the tube and determines the explosives density for more accurate explosive detection. 

Sponsors: Dr. Charles Harb, RingIR CEO President

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Hargather

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Steinhoff Prosthetic Research Intiative 

This team is developing a prosthetic hand for a faculty memeber by the name of Edie Steinhoff who lost her fingers during a home DYI accident in 2006. 

Sponsors: New Mexico Tech and UNM School of Medicine 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Grow

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Model Airplane Team

This team will design a remote controlled airplane for the AIAA Competition in Tuscan, Arizona. 

Sponsors: Fours Suns Builders Inc. 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Curtis O'Malley, Dr. Hassanalian Mustafa 

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Visually Impaired Cane Optimization

This team is developing a sensoring device to detect head level obstacles for the visually impaired by implmenting it into a pair of sunglasses. 

Sponsor: Carla Wilhite, UNM School of Medicine 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Grow

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Water Desalination Project

This team is developing a hollow nano-fiber tube to desalinate water as a cost effective and efficient alternative to reverse osmosis. 

Sponsor: Mr. Leonard Garcia, PRRC

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Arash Mousavi 

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