Corey Leclerc

Corey Leclerc, PhD

Professor, Dean of Engineering

(Personal Website)


Research Areas:

  • 3-d printed ceramic catalysts supports
  • Low coke catalyst supports
  • Biogas conversion to hydrogen
  • Aqueous phase reforming
  • Dry reforming
  • Woody biomass reductive pyrolysis
  • Plasma assisted catalyst synthesis
  • Stratified catalysts for millisecond partial oxidation reactors
  • S. Vierck and C. A. Leclerc* (2017) Effect of Non-Thermal Plasma Treatment on the Point of Zero Charge of -Al2O3, Advanced Powder Technology, 28 1792-1796.
  • B. Roy and C. A. Leclerc* (2015) Study of preparation method and oxidization/reduction effect on the performance of nickel-cerium oxide catalysts for aqueous-phase reforming of ethanol, Journal of Power Sources, 299 114-124.
  • C. A. Leclerc* (2014) Short contact time catalytic partial oxidation of biogas - A comprehensive study on CO2 and N2 dilution, Biomass and Bioenergy, 63 58-63.
  • B. Roy, U. Martinez, K. Loganathan, A. K. Datye, and C. A. Leclerc* (2012) Effect of preparation methods on the performance of Ni/Al2O3 catalysts for aqueous-phase reforming of ethanol: Part I-Catalytic activity. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 37 8143-8153.
  • B. N. T. Nguyen and C. A. Leclerc* (2007) Metal Oxides as Combustion Catalysts for a Stratified, Dual Bed Partial Oxidation Catalyst., Journal of Power Sources, 163, 623-629.
  • None