New Mexico Tech is a New Mexico Public Research Institution. There are specific requirements and restrictions regarding filming and photography on New Mexico Tech property, including New Mexico Tech's research divisions.

Unless otherwise specified in this policy, all filming and photography must be approved in advance by the Marketing and Communications office. The Marketing and Communications office accommodates reasonable requests for journalistic, news-related, as well as non-commercial shooting by members of the media involved in New Mexico Tech-related news gathering. The subject of all news-related filming or photography must be directly related to the university. All other filming and photography, must be approved in advance by the Marketing and Communications Office, in which approval will be provided at New Mexico Tech's sole discretion. Commercial filming or photography is generally prohibited on New Mexico Tech property.

New Mexico Tech reserves the right to deny permission to film or photograph on university property for any reason. Without limiting the foregoing statement, permission may be denied if the filming or photography creates the potential for: disruption of academic, research, business, or student activities; damage to or alteration of university property; disruption of traffic, parking or pedestrian pathways; violations of the university’s privacy policies.

New Mexico Tech reserves the right to request that media organizations leave university property for failing to observe these rules.

General rules for journalists

  1. Journalists must notify the Marketing and Communications Office to obtain permission to come on to New Mexico Tech property. Contact Marketing and Communications Director Jimmy Himes at 575-835-5091 or 575-322-0927. Whenever possible, we request at least 24 hours’ notice.
  2. Journalists must adhere to the university’s privacy policies. No one at New Mexico Tech can be filmed without his or her permission, except at public events to which the public and media have been invited.
  3. In accordance with the university’s privacy policies, members of the media are prohibited from entering student residences or dining halls. Members of the media are prohibited in all residential areas of the university, including student residences and the surrounding faculty neighborhoods without prior permission from the Marketing and Communications office.
  4. Journalists must obtain prior permission in order to film or photograph in any interior spaces on university property. This includes administration and office buildings, classrooms, laboratories and dining facilities.
  5. Journalists are discouraged from doing “person-on-the-street” interviews at New Mexico Tech without assistance from the Marketing and Communications office.
  6. Journalists working at New Mexico Tech are expected to carry appropriate credentials and should be prepared to produce them upon request by university staff.
  7. News and professional film and photography are prohibited. The New Mexico Tech Marketing and Communications Office provides high-quality downloadable B-roll for members of the media seeking images of the university’s iconic areas (see below).
  8. Journalists are prohibited from parking satellite trucks anywhere on university property without permission from the Office of Marketing and Communications, for news purposes.

Requesting assistance

The Marketing and Communications Office is available to assist journalists with filming and photography on university property, including helping to arrange for locations and access when permission to film or photograph has been granted. In many cases, especially if you are not familiar with New Mexico Tech, we can save you time and effort. Contact Marketing and Communications Director Jimmy Himes at 575-835-5091 or 575-322-0927.

News Service photo policy

Photographs provided by the Marketing and Communications Office are to be used – with appropriate credit – for editorial purposes only. Flopping, altering or otherwise embellishing these photos in any way that changes the photographs' editorial content is prohibited. Images provided for Web use must be resized to low resolution. Permission is for one-time use only. Supplied image files must be deleted after use.

Video b-roll

Filming of b-roll is prohibited for privacy reasons and to avoid disruption of academic, research or residential life. Members of the media may request directions to download high-quality, university-produced b-roll by contacting Marketing and Communications Director Jimmy Himes at 575-835-5091 or 575-322-0927.