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Zoom is software that enables faculty to hold live class sessions, record those sessions for those who can't attend live, and hold office hours.

All faculty should have a licensed version that allows you to conduct meetings with as many as 300 participants. If you haven't been notified of a license or are having problems with Zoom, please email us at act@nmt.edu. Students also will have personal accounts, though not with the ability to host large or long sessions. Zoom can be accessed from within your Canvas course.


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 From Dr. Ken Minschwaner:

For Phys336L, we are requiring the students to conduct a diode laser circuit and conduct some experiments at home.  In addition to their own materials, the students will receive all of the new parts within a week, either mailed using a 5x7 padded envelope, or by appointment for local students (they can easily pick up their kits without violating social distancing guidelines).  Written lab assignments are on canvas, and I've posted several "how to" videos on Panopto within Canvas. The videos were shot using my cellphone in 720p video mode.  These are typically large mp4 files at a few hundred MB and they take a while to upload to Panopto and convert, but the video streaming quality turns out to be pretty good and the editing features work well for cutting and splicing.  Attached is a sample video (which I degraded to keep below 20 MB for emailing).