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If you are one of the 35-50 % of adults worldwide who have trouble sleeping, this page is for you. Whether it is falling or staying asleep or even poor quality of sleep, sleep disturbances can affect how you function during the day. But there are things you can do to improve this.  Here are a few that have been proven to work:

1. Turn off Technology - turn it off at least 1 hour prior to bed. The light from the screen delays the production of melatonin, the hormone necessary for sleep. 

2. Warm Milk - the hormone tryptophan in the milk promotes sleep

3. Warm Bath - relaxes tense muscles

4. Meditation - triggers relaxation response

5. Reading - make sure its an actual book and not a screen

6. Sound Machine - makes a white noise and prevents random noises in teh night from waking you 

7. Yoga - relieves stress and anxiety

8. Perfect Temperature - a cool room is more conducive to better sleep, around 65 degrees

9. Cup of Tea -  it is warm and soothing and stimulates sleep hormones. No caffeine, please. Instead, try teas with chamomile, hops or rooibos

10. Music - produces a white noise (like the sound machine) and a constant rhythym to hypnotize your brain

11. Next Day List - write down things to allow your brain to let them go and shut down

12. Perfect Lighting - reduces stimulation to the brain that blocks release of melatonin. 

 Meditation for Improved Sleep

Meditation is just one way to improve sleep. Why? A number of pysiological changes happen when we meditate that influences specific processes in your body to affect sleep. Meditation calms the mind, triggers the relaxation response, allows for greater control of the autonomic nervous system (which reduces how easily you are awakened), increases release of melatonin, decreases blood pressure, reduces heart rate and activates parts of the brain that control sleep. All of this combined works to improve the quality of sleep over time. 


Guided Meditation for Sleep:



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Want to Keep Track of How Well you Sleep?

Below, we have included a sleep log and habit trackers that you can use.

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