Courses Taught

Course Number Course Description
Mate 101L Intro. Materials Eng. Lab (1 cr.), Hands-on lab experience for freshmen demonstrating fundamental materials concepts
Mate 235 Materials Engineering (3 cr.), Ceramics, glasses, semiconductors, polymers and composites
Mate 235L Materials Engineering Lab (1 cr.), Synthesis and properties of non-metallic solids
Mate 301 Intro. to Ceramic Engineering (3 cr.), Traditional and advanced ceramics; structure and processing
Mate 443 Magnetic Materials (3 cr.), Theory, composition, structure, properties and applications
Mate 447 Optical Materials (3 cr.), Optical phenomena, material properties and applications
Mate 452 Physics of Metals and Ceramics (3 cr.) Solid state physics for engineers
Mate 452L Electronic Materials Laboratory (1 cr.), Electronic properties measurement
Mate 503 Crystal Chem and Crystal Physics (3 cr.), Crystal structures and tensor properties
Mate 504 Nonlinear Dielectric Ceramics (3 cr.) Survey of ferroelectric ceramics and their applications
Mate 505 Electronic Materials (3 cr.), Metal electrodes, ionic conductors, superconductors, insulators, structures, properties and applications