Master of Science

Master of Science Degrees

The Earth and Environmental Science department at New Mexico Tech offers a number of Masters level graduate degrees as detailed below

Master of Science in Geology

The master’s candidate must demonstrate competence in mathematics, chemistry, and physics comparable to the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. The Master of Science degree in Geology may be earned under either of the following plans:

Master of Science in Geochemistry

Master of Science in Geophysics (Solid Earth)

The Master of Science degree in Geophysics (Solid Earth) may be earned under either of the plans outlined below:

Master of Science in Hydrology

The Master of Science degree in Hydrology requires completion of a thesis according to the general requirements of the Graduate Program. The student’s course of study must be approved by the advisory committee and must fulfill the general requirement for the master’s degree and must include:

Examples of courses other than hydrology which are appropriate for graduate programs in hydrology include, but are not limited to: BIOL 343, 446; CHEM 331, 332, 333, 334; ERTH 405, 409, 444, 445, 448, 460; GEOL 503, 509, 547, 553; GEOP 505, 529; MATH 332, 382, 384, 410, 411, 415, 435, 436, 438, 483, 486, 488, 511, 512, 533, 586, 587; PETR 445, 523, 544, 546, 564; PHYS 421, 526.

Additional details, including course descriptions, are in the College Catalog.

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