Dr. Hamdy Soliman

Hamdy Soliman, PhD


Computer Science & Engineering

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Research Areas

Professor Soliman's research expands over many areas. His current primary focus is computer Networks security, Neural Networks and Sensor Networks. He has several publications on Networking Communication Protocols, Mobile networks security, Ad hoc networks, Wireless sensor networks.

Currently he is actively involved in computer-servers and cell-phone security, utilizing his novel encryption algorithm (better than the known AES, much faster and securing against insider attcks), developing his 5 security patents. In the area of machine learning, he is working in the fields of Artificial neural networks modeling for classifications, association, and generalization using LVQ, Bp, BAM, Hopfield AM, ART, and KSOFM. Applications of NN modeling are the building of smart Big-Data & cloud computing management, asynchronous event detection sensor networks, and image processing.