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Civil Engineering

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BS in Civil Engineering

General Description

The undergraduate program offers a balanced approach to civil engineering education. Students take a common core of civil engineering courses, and can specialize in the areas of geotechnical, water resources, or structural engineering. The program is also designed to give students a solid foundation in engineering and science. Students take courses in chemistry, physics, and math, in addition to a core set of engineering courses common to most engineering disciplines. Our civil engineering courses teach students the fundamentals of engineering design, and well as potential applications. Students are taught how to use computer software to expedite the design process and how to balance engineering designs with economic constraints. During their senior year, undergraduate students work with a professor on a semester-long design project.

Four Year Curriculum Plan

Students pursuing a B.S. in Civil Engineering must take all engineering courses for a letter grade.

Civil engineering majors must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in required courses in order to graduate. Civil engineering majors are required to take the Fundamentals in Engineering (FE) exam as a requirement for graduation.

Student Enrollment and Graduation Data


New Mexico Tech awards minors for your secondary field of study. While the number of credits required for a minor vary from department to department, a minimum of 18 credit hours is required. Students cannot earn a minor with either the Associate of General Studies or Bachelor of General Studies.

You must declare a minor and be assigned a minor advisor prior to completing the coursework for the minor.