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Overview of Proposal Development

NMT Research Office fosters competitiveness in pursuing extramural funding and increasing proposal success, thereby helping to grow NMT’s research portfolio, providing university-wide, pre-award services that support faculty and staff in pursuing and obtaining external funding, including individual faculty proposals , large multi-disciplinary or multi-institutional efforts and institutional initiatives

Support Includes:

  • Providing detailed RFP analysis
  • Analyzing proposal reviews to develop resubmission strategy
  • Providing proposal planning and organization
  • Reviewing, revising, editing proposals
  • Organizing “Red Team” reviews
  • Managing limited submission review process
  • Submitting your final proposal through electronic portals

Contact - Judy McShannon, Ph.D., Manager of Research Development



Sponsored Project Lifetime




STEP 1:  Find Funding

STEP 2:  Plan Your Proposal

STEP 3:  Write Your Proposal

STEP 4: Ensure Compliance

STEP 5:  Submit Your Proposal

STEP 6:  Award


Proposal Process - Timeline

  • If you need a new account to NSF, NASA, NIH, grants.gov, etc. contact Judy McShannon as soon as possible – you will require an account to submit your proposal electronically.
  • At least two weeks before your proposal is due – email your proposal draft and RFP to Judy McShannon who will provide a review of your proposal and compliance to the RFP requirements.
  • At least a one week before your proposal is due – complete your routing sheet and forward for signatures.
  • At least one working day (8:00 a.m.) before your proposal is due – release for review and electronic submission.

While NMT is committed to supporting all PIs in the submission of their proposals, proposals submitted the day they are due will not be reviewed and may not be submitted.  


Useful Links

Proposal Routing Sheet (word doc)

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