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Submit your proposal after ensuring its compliance.

Step 5: Submit your Proposal

How to Submit


Where do you get the Agency’s proposal submission forms? 


grants.gov – for proposals submitted to Departments of Energy, Education, NIH, etc.

You must use the grants.gov Workspace to submit a proposal.

    1. Select the program you are writing to
    2. Select “Related Documents” for the RFP instructions
    3. Select “Package” for proposal application
    4. Select “Apply” for the application 
    5. Login
    6. Create Workspace


NSPIRES – for proposals submitted to NASA

    1. Login
    2. Select Proposal/NOI
    3. Select “create proposal”
    4. Select solicitation - You will see all the current solicitations – select the one you are responding to
    5. Select NOI if you submitted a Notice of Intent


Fastlane – for proposals submitted to NSF

    1. Login 
    2. Select proposal functions
    3. Select proposal preparation (letters of intent if you are submitting an LOI)


If you need a new account to grants.gov, NSPIRES (NASA), Fastlane (NSF), eCommons (NIH), etc. contact Judy McShannon (judith.mcshannon@nmt.edu) as soon as possible – you will require an account to submit your proposal electronically. 

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