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After planning proposal.

Step 3: Write Your Proposal

Keep in mind. . .

The best written proposal will not win money for a weak idea.  BUT…

Many good ideas are often not funded because the proposal is poorly written.


Your Proposal Must STAND OUT from All the Others Being Reviewed by the Funding Agency


Proposal Guides

Follow the directions in the RPF and the agency’s proposal guide.


Suggestions for Writing Proposals 


Write with the Review in Mind


American Evaluation Association


NSF Broader Impact information 


Data Management


On February 22, 2013, John P. Holdren, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, issued a memorandum directing federal research funding agencies with R&D budgets of $100 million or more to develop a plan within six months to support increased public access to the results of research funded by the federal government. The directive requires that the results of taxpayer-funded research, both publications and data in digital format, be made easily accessible to the general public. Following the issuance of this directive, federal agencies developed their own public access plans and have made compliance mandatory for all grant proposals.

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In general, a data management plan describes the data that will be authored and how the data will be managed and made accessible throughout its lifetime. In general, the contents of the data management plan should include:


Data Management Plan Tool (DMPTool)  

The DMPTool is a collaborative effort between multiple institutions, to streamline the management planning process. Anyone can create a data management plan using the DMPTool. A login is required to access the “wizard”, so you will want to set up an account by choosing a username and password. The DMPTool site offers a useful collection of agency-specific DMP requirements, as well as some sample plans and many public DMPs that may serve as models.

The DMPTool will help you:


Agency Data Management Plans: Each agency provides information and guides about public access of federally funded research, as well as tools to develop a compliant data management plan.

NSF Public Access Policy

NSF PAR (publications) 

NSF datasets at Data.gov (data) 

NIH Public Access Policy 

NIH PubMed (publications) 

NIH Data Sharing Repositories (data) 


USDA Public Access Policy

PubAg (publications)

Ag Data Commons (data)


DOE Public Access Plan 

PAGES (publications)


Evaluation Resources


American Evaluation Association

Contains list of evaluators you can contact to evaluate your program


CDC Evaluation List of Resources


W.K. Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook


W.K. Kellogg Logic Model Handbook


National Network of Libraries of Medicine


Writing Your Proposal Budget


Sponsored Projects Administration must approve your budget before you can submit.

Work with Sponsored Projects Administration on finalizing your budget.


Work with Judy McShannon, Manager of Research Development if you have questions about creating your budget. judith.mcshannon@nmt.edu


Budget Spreadsheet Template


Budget Spreadsheet Directions


Budget Justification Template


Guidelines and rules we follow


Are costs allowable, allocable, reasonable?


Are costs direct or F&A/indirect?


Open communication reduces:

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