Train the Trainer

The next Train-the-Trainer classes will be: September, 2024

The class is designed to prepare qualified persons who are requesting MSHA approval to provide mine safety training under 30 CFR Part 48 

You may put your name on a waiting list by calling the office. 

For details, contact:
Bethany Jessen at 575-835-5460 

Application Form (PDF)


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Becoming an Approved MSHA Instructor:

To become an approved MSHA instructor you will need three basic qualifications: (1) relevant mining experience, (2) knowledge of subject matter, and (3) effective teaching skills. Prospective instructors range from professional trainers to persons with limited training experience other than safety talks or group safety meetings. Prior to making an application for approved MSHA instructor, the individual must apply for and have a Miner Individual Identification Number (MIIN). The MIIN is used to track the miner’s certifications and qualifications with MSHA. The MIIN can be applied for online from the MSHA web site under Online Tools / Online Filing/Forms Homepage / MIIN.

The application process requires the individual to submit an Approved MSHA Instructor Application and resume, detailing his or her mining and training experience.  

The application form must be signed by the applicant.

Please submit the application packet to the Bureau of Mine Safety, contact the office for more information.

In the South Central MSHA District, we would like to see the applicant have the following experience and credentials:

Be an Experienced Miner, as defined by 30 CFR § 48.22 (b) (1): For Surface (IS Endorsement) A miner who has completed MSHA-approved new miner training for surface miners or training acceptable to MSHA from a State agency and who has had at least 12 months of verifiable surface mining experience in the past three years. For Underground (IU Endorsement) A miner who has completed MSHA approved new miner training for underground miners, or training acceptable to MSHA from a State agency and who has at least 3 years of verifiable underground mining experience in the past five years. Possess a verifiable and relevant level of previous training experience, especially in mining or occupational health and safety. The training experience should have relevance to the mining industry. If the applicant has the requisite mining experience, but lacks relevant training experience, he or she may be considered for approval by providing MSHA with a verifiable and relevant academic background (undergraduate degree from an accredited educational institution) in business, education, safety, organizational behavior, etc.

The following credentials will also be considered for approval: relevant and current certifications, such as OSHA, CMSP, ASSE, etc. All applicants MUST successfully complete the three day approved MSHA Instructor’s Training Course. This requirement is mandated in the South Central District by the District Manager, and gets submitted to them via Willie Gill.

For Farmington Applicants, please send your information to William Schroeder in Denver.

Contact information will be provided at the conclusion of class.

State Mine Inspector’s Note: The Bureau of Mine Safety offers the three-day MSHA Instructor Candidate Course, at a cost of $400 per candidate, to be paid in advance, with refunds available up to one week prior for cancellation. For more information call the Bureau of Mine Safety @ 575 835 5460.