Coal Certification

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The Bureau of Mine Safety is the authorized agent for the State of New Mexico to certify coal officials for surface and underground coal operations. Certification is granted to qualifying persons through the verification of training and experience as well as successful completion of a comprehensive examination in the safety and health requirements based on the Code of Federal Regulation, Title 30.


All certifications are good for 5 years unless the certification is revoked. (See REVOCATION below) Training and re-training of mine foreman, examiners, etc. should be conducted by the operator following the requirements of Qualified/Certified personnel under the code of Federal Regulations Title 30 (30CFR).


Certification may be revoked by the New Mexico State Inspector in cases where the certified official is charged with negligence, dereliction of duty, or unwarrantable failure to comply with State or Federal laws as required. Revocation will not be considered without a thorough investigation and notice of action will be given to the certified person(s), current and previous employers, and any other interested parties. If the certified person wishes to appeal the decision of the State Mine Inspector a written letter of appeal must be submitted to the Bureau of Mine Safety within 30 days of the Notice of Intent to Revoke Certification.


All persons requesting certification must submit a completed application packet to the Bureau of Mine Safety at least 30 days prior to the next scheduled examination. Applicants will be notified through their company official or through the US Mail whether the application has been approved. Approved applicants must pay a fee of $100 each (cash, check, or credit card payment)* to the Bureau of Mine Safety in order to sit for the exam, which includes two chances to pass. If an applicant fails the first examination they will be required to take the examination again in its entirety in order to secure certification. Re-testing is allowed no less than 30 days after the failed exam. Failure of applicant to show up for the (2nd) rescheduled test, without 30 days advance notice to the Bureau of Mine Safety office, will count as a fail and a new application and fees will be necessary to write again.

(A fee of $25.00 will be added for checks returned for any reason and certification will not be provided until the check amount and the returned check fee have been paid.)


Recertification is required every 5 years after initial certification.  All coal mine officials certified prior to July 1, 2007 begin the 5 year period on that date and their certificates expire on July 1, 2012.  Recertification requirements are explained in Title NMAC., found here:

Application packets and instructions are available in a PDF file below.

Underground Foreman Instructions & Application

Underground Examiners Instructions & Application

General Underground Coal Mine Foreman

Surface Foreman Instructions & Application

Prerequisite Table

Plan Recertification Form 2019

Recertification Instruction

Recertification Application - Exam