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 Director: Lorie M. Liebrock, Cramer 132, (575) 835-6729

New Mexico Cybersecurity Center of Excellence


Economic Development, Education, Innovation, and Research

The New Mexico Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, which has integrated the New Mexico Tech Cybersecurity Education Center (as of January 2022), is developing cybersecurity expertise in economic development, education, innovation, and research for the state of New Mexico.   The center's Director, Dr. Lorie M. Liebrock, reports to the Vice President of Research and works closely on economic development with the Executive Director of the NMT Office of Innovation Commercialization. In addition, we work with Academic Affairs on the Transdisciplinary Cybersecurity graduate programs and colleges and universities across New Mexico on the cyberesecurity academic pathways program. 

The NMCCoE vision is to make New Mexico a leader in cybersecurity economic development, education, innovation, and research. The goals proposed to achieve this vision are:

Best Practices, News, and Events

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Cybersecurity Best Practices

Learn how to secure some of your online tools. 

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Cybersecurity News

 What is happening in cybersecurity now.

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Cybersecurity Events

Events associated with the two centers.


 Cybersecurity Economic Development, Education, Innovation, and Research

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Education Program

Learn more about the state's cybersecurity  education programs. 

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Economic Development Program

Learn more about the economic development program and how to grow your cybersecurity business. 

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Learn more about the research associated with the NMCCoE. -- coming soon

 Cybersecurity Resources

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CyberReady NM

CyberReady New Mexico Program


 Cybersecurity Resources


Contact us with questions to schedule an event at cybercenters@nmt.edu

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NMCCoE Email the Team   NMCCoE Cramer 132 NMCCoE@nmt.edu
Lorie M. Liebrock Director 575-835-6729 NMCCoE Cramer 132A lorie.liebrock@nmt.edu
Jessica Torres Admin. Specialist 575-835-5558 NMCCoE Cramer 132C jessica.trujillo-torres@nmt.edu


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