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Bruce Harrison, Department Chair

Welcome! Earth and Environmental Science is a leading department at New Mexico Tech with a prominent international profile for Earth science research. We strive for excellence in conducting important and cutting edge research across the sub-disciplines of Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics, and Hydrology. Our research strengths extend from Earth’s deep interior to its shallow crust and surface. The Earth and Environmental Science Department is acutely aware of the relationship of its work to many issues of critical concern to society as a whole, and endeavors to interact with the broader community at the local, state, national, and international levels to disseminate knowledge bearing on these societal concerns.

We are devoted to the education of future generations of Earth scientists and introducing them to the wide array of excellent careers within the field. We educate graduate students to become leaders in academia and industry. We seek engaging means for undergraduate education, preparing students for societally-relevant and fulfilling careers.

-Bruce Harrison


Department contact information:

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Department of Earth and Environmental Science

801 Leroy Place

Socorro NM 87801

PHONE:  +1 (575) 835-5634

FAX: (575) 835-6436

EMAIL: geos.dept@npe.nmt.edu