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Biotechnology Program


This PhD program prepares students at the highest level for careers in research, development, and practical applications of the tools of biotechnology (e.g., biomolecular, biochemical, biomedical, and bioengineering approaches).

Biotechnology has huge potential for solving societal problems and for the biotechnological workforce and bioentrepreneurship. Participating departments (Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Earth and Environmental Science, Engineering Management, and Chemical, Mechanical, Materials, and Environmental Engineering) provide students with foundations across many disciplines to create new concepts, theories, methods, principles, and translations to advance this new discipline.

PhD in Biotechnology

Program Description

The prospective doctoral candidate in Biotechnology should develop a good background in biology, chemistry, and mathematics plus at least one of the following: computer science, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, or materials engineering. Additionally, students should achieve a high level of competence in the field of specialization defined by their dissertation research. Additional information is found in the Graduate Program section of the catalog.

Research fields appropriate for the biotechnology candidate include bioengineering, molecular biology, microbiology, tissue engineering, pathogen detection, drug discovery, drug delivery, medical instrument development, neuroscience, and biochemistry. Interdisciplinary projects are strongly encouraged.

If you have any questions or want more information, contact Dr. Thomas Kieft, the program coordinator.

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