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(Photo from Poster Session at 2018 SRS)

To be eligible for this event, you must be a registered student at NMT or a New Mexico Community or Junior College. 


Graduate Student Poster Competition:

Session 1: Tuesday, April 16, 10am-12pm at Skeen Library, 1st Floor

Session 2: Tuesday, April 16, 1pm-3pm at Skeen Library, 1st Floor

Poster Session 1: Wednesday, April 17, 10am-12pm at Skeen Library, 1st Floor

Poster Session 2: Thursday, April 18, 10am-12pm at Skeen Library, 1st Floor

Poster Session 3: Friday, April 19, 10am-12pm at Skeen Library, 1st Floor

Poster Session 4: Friday, April 19, 1pm-3pm at Skeen Library, 1st Floor

Event Coordinator: SRS Staff (

Register and submit your abstract at the bottom of this page. For more information on writing your abstract, visit the abstracts page.

There are four, two-hour poster sessions and each session has space for 20-25 posters. With only 100 total entries accepted, space is limited, so register early! 

Posters may be presented by one student or a team, on any topic. However, you must submit an abstract to be accepted for a poster presentation.

For general information, please email

GSA Poster Competition

Just like last year, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) will be sponsoring a poster competition with three top prizes of $500 (1st prize), $250 (2nd prize), $125 (3rd prize). This competition is open to any grad students looking for a challenge. Students interested in participating need to follow the poster session guidelines and expect to be judged at a professional level. To participate, register for the SRS and click "Yes" where the form is asking whether you will be participating in the GSA Poster Competition. 

Graduate Students participating in the GSA Poster Competition are welcome to present in regular poster sessions—please email us at to let us know your selection.

Poster Details

Printed posters must be 36” x 48” and include the SRS Registration Number at the top. There are two poster templates available for use below, or create your own. Please see the requirements below.

All students wishing to present in the GSA poster competition are required to attend a consultation with the Writing and Communication Lab, located in Skeen Library, by the OSL Area. The WCL will assist students in printing their posters. All poster printing must be done with the WCL by 5pm on April 12.

Schedule an appointment with the WCL 

Students in the Poster Sessions are also strongly encouraged to attend the Poster and Abstract Workshops. They also have the option to attend the Oral Presentation Workshop, which will cover general public speaking and presenting skills. Registration is required for all workshops.

Abstract Workshops

Workshop #1: Monday, February 19, 6pm-7:30pm at Skeen Library, Tripp Room

Workshop #2: Tuesday, March 5, 6pm-7:30pm at Skeen Library, Tripp Room

Poster Workshops

Workshop #1: Tuesday, March 12, 6pm-7:30pm at Skeen Library, Tripp Room

Workshop #2: Wednesday, March 27, 6pm-7:30pm at Skeen Library, Tripp Room

Oral Presentation Workshop

Monday, April 1, 6pm-7:30pm at Skeen Library, Tripp Room


Poster Templates

Here are some templates to get you started. You will be assigned a registration number which you are required to include at the top of your poster. You do not have to use these templates, but any poster that you submit MUST have your SRS Registration Number at the top of the poster.

These templates are available for download as a pdf or PowerPoint (pptx) and can be uploaded to your Google drive and then opened in Google Slides.


How will I know if I'm selected to present?

All applicants will be notified through email of your selection. The email will also include your assigned Poster Session. 

How are Poster Session assignments determined?

Assignments are based on registration date. You will get priority for sessions based on when you registered.

What if I can't make it to my assigned Poster Session?

If you know you won't be able to attend your assigned poster sessions, email us at ASAP so we can work out other arrangements. Register early so you have a good chance of getting the session you want!

How will I be evaluated for my poster presentation?  

Evaluation for your presentation is done by two types of people: Evaluators and Reviewers.

Evaluators are assigned certain posters for review (your poster will be reviewed by multiple evaluators). Using the Poster Presentation Review Criteria, they will provide detailed feedback and evaluate your presentation. Anyone wishing to be an evaluator must sign up in advance.

Reviewers can be anyone, and their review can be done anytime (during your presentation). This is anonymous, general feedback that occurs for all three event types.  No sign-up is required to be a reviewer.

Your evaluation information will be provided to you after the SRS is over and the information has been compiled. You may also get instant feedback from your evaluators and reviewers on-site.

Is there a poster workshop to help me with my presentation?

Yes! There will be two poster workshops offered. The first one will be on Tuesday, March 12 and the second one on Wednesday, March 27; time and location are the same for both: 6pm-7:30pm at Skeen Library, Tripp Room. Registration is required to attend the workshops, please scroll down for more information. You only need to attend one of the poster workshops. 

I'm part of a group presentation. Do we have to register separately? Do we need separate abstract submissions?

Nope! Just one registration per team is enough. Just make sure to list all the team members' names and their email addresses. One abstract per group, submitted by one of the team members, is enough as well. 

Have other questions?

Please email us at with any questions you may have. We're happy to help!

It's time to Register & Submit your Abstract!

Registration closes on March 15

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