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Office of the Registrar

Course Placement Information


Note: Official documents are required for all credit, placement, and waivers

Advanced Placement Program

Please have your official AP Score Report sent to New Mexico Tech for credit evaluation & transfer. Credit and/or advanced placement are granted according to the departmental policies listed here.

Math Placement

Math Placement is determined by the following:

1. ACT/SAT Score

***Updated SAT/ACT Placement Information Coming Soon***

ACT Math Score SAT Math Score Initial Math Course Placement
≤  ≤  MATH 101 (College Algebra)
    MATH 103 (Pre-Calculus)
    MATH 104 (Trigonometry)
≥  ≥  MATH 131 (Calculus & Analytic Geometry I)


2.  AP, Dual or other college/university Transfer Credit


3.  the optional Math Placement Test.

For information email: mathplacement@nmt.edu

ACT/SAT English Waiver

Students who score 27 or higher on the ACT English test or 610 or higher on the SAT Critical Reading test will have ENGL 111 waived as a requirement. 

***Updated SAT/ACT Placement Information Coming Soon***

College Level Examination Program

No credit is given for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). However, challenge exams are available in various courses. Challenge exams are arranged by individual academic departments.