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Policies and Procedures at New Mexico Tech

The New Mexico Tech Policies help to ensure coordinated compliance with applicable laws and regulations, to promote operational efficiencies, to enhance the Institute mission, or to reduce institutional risk.

Additionally, New Mexico Tech Policies help to ensure integrity and other fundamental institutional values that define the vision of New Mexico Tech, such as academic freedom, freedom of expression, shared governance, maintaining collegiality and citizenship, and upholding accountability for professionalism and diplomacy among administration, faculty, staff, students, other constituents and maintaining accountability to our accrediting and regulating organizations.

New Mexico Tech Procedures are the methods for implementing our New Mexico Tech Policies.

All Regent Policies and Administrative Policies are found on this webpage. Faculty, staff and student orientation directs any new members to the New Mexico Tech community to this webpage. It is the responsibility of the faculty, staff or students to familiarize themselves with the policies and procedures that apply to them.

Policies Under Campus Community Review

The final draft of the following policy or policies are available to the campus community for a 15 calendar day review and comment period. Any policy under review will appear in this section. 

Policies for campus community review will be posted here after approval by the president or the appropriate sponsoring vice president or division director. Please see the New Mexico Tech policy and signature approval document listed in the next section below. After administrative approval, any policy under review will be posted here by the Office of Communication and Marketing.

Proposed Policy -- "Policy Development, Amendment, and Rescindment Policy"

The Academic Affairs division has revised the “Policy Development, Amendment, and Rescindment Policy,” (the Policy on Policy) to clarify the document and place greater emphasis on the role of faculty in developing academic policy. The draft policy is posted online at Policy on Policies.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to review the document and send any comments or concerns to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Peter Mozley at The deadline for submitting comments is March 23, 2018.

Proposed Policy – “Accommodation Grievance Policy for Students with Disabilities”

(Posted online January 24, 2018 )

The Office of Counseling and Disability Services (OCDS) has issued a draft policy titled “Accommodation Grievance Policy for Students with Disabilities”. The purpose of this policy is to outline the policy and procedures related to concerns/issues with accommodations related to a documented disability through OCDS.

The complete policy is online here

New Mexico Tech employees and students are welcome to review the policy and send comments or concerns to the Director of Counseling and Disability Services, Angela Gautier at disability@nmt.ed . The deadline for submitting comments is Thursday, February 8th, 2018.  

Proposed Policy – “Student and Employee Intellectual Property Policy”

(Posted online Friday, Nov. 9, 2017)

The Center for Technology Commercialization has issued a draft policy titled “Student and Employee Intellectual Property Policy.” This policy is designed to provide guidance on ownership, protection, and – where appropriate – monetization of Intellectual Property developed by NMT employees, students, and non-employees on the NMT Campus.

The complete policy is available here

New Mexico Tech employees and students are welcome to review the policy and send comments or concerns to Stefanie Enochs at The deadline for submitting comments is November 27, 2017.

Interim Policies

Interim Policies are needed when a policy must be in place and there is no prior existing policy. An Interim Policy is approved by the President and must be followed.

An Interim Policy must note in its title that it is an Interim Policy. It will be posted below during the process for drafting and review of the final policy. When the final draft is complete, it will be posted above for Community Review.

Policy and Procedure for Policy Development and Revision:

Policy Development, Amendment and Rescindment Policy

New Mexico Tech Policy and Procedures Template and Style Guide

New Mexico Tech Policy Signature and Approval Document

(This document must be the final page to all new and amended policies)

Policy Types 

Board of Regents Policies

Board of Regents policies are administrative policies that have been approved by the Board of Regents. The President determines whether or not an administrative policy requires Board of Regents' approval.

Board of Regents policies have institution-wide application and are intended to be enduring, rather than a response to a particular issue. Board of Regents policies help ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, enhance the university's mission, promote operational efficiencies, and reduce institutional risk.

Administrative Policies

Administrative policies, also called university policies, are needed to operate New Mexico Tech in compliance with state and federal legislation, such as campus health and safety standards, records retention, financial operations, and rules governing student behavior on campus, and academic procedures or standards.

The scope of university policies is extensive, ranging from rules governing the university as a whole, to individual departments or offices, including those off-campus.

Faculty Senate and Academic Policy

As stated in the Faculty Senate Standing Rules, "The Faculty Senate of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology exists to set policy relating to academic matters, including admissions, academic standards, curricula and graduation requirements for both the undergraduate and graduate programs, and to recommend the conferral of earned degrees to the President."

The Faculty Senate approves academic policies or curricular changes that have institutional impact after they have been vetted through and voted on by the Council of Chairs for undergraduate student academic policies and vetted through and voted on by the Graduate Council for graduate student academic policies. Academic policies that are institutional – apply to all students – are vetted through and voted on by the Council of Chairs.

Before voting on an academic policy or curricular change that has institutional impact, the Council of Chairs and the Graduate Council must follow the procedures within the Policy Development, Amendment and Rescindment Policy and Procedure.

After the approval by the Faculty Senate, the academic policies must be approved by the NMIMT President, after which they become Administrative Policies and are recorded in the New Mexico Tech Course Catalog. 

If the President deems that the policy requires Board of Regents approval, this approval and adoption by the Board of Regents must occur before the policy is recorded in the New Mexico Tech Course Catalog.

Policies and procedures are arranged alphabetically by Policy title and are listed under the Office of the President and the office of the Vice President or Division Head that is responsible for (the sponsor of) the policy and procedure.


Vice President for Academic Affairs


Vice President for Administration and Finance


Vice President for Student and University Relations

Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC)

EMRTC's Policies and Procedures page

Petroleum Recovery Research Center

Employee Handbook

New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources


Laboratory Analysis

Mineral Museum Policies and Procedures


Privacy Policy