Fall 2023 Math, Phys&Chem Extravaganza

November 28, 3pm-8pm at Skeen Library

Another successful extravaganza behind us! We had a total of 102 students sign in for the sessions offered. Wow! A huge THANK YOU to all the participating faculty, TAs, our amazing OSL tutors, and all the students who showed up—the extravaganza wouldn't be possible without you!




The day after the extravaganza all attendees were asked to submit a feedback form. Here are some of the comments we've received: 

"[The review sessions] were very helpful because they were a smaller setting than normal class so I felt like I could ask questions." / "They went over examples and gave me more practice." / "Helped me practice some problems I had previous doubts about." / "The problems we went over made more sense since there were less students in the extravaganza therefore a better chance to explain the material better."

After hearing so many good things all we can say is that we'll see you again for the Spring 2024 edition of the extravaganza!

National Tutor Appreciation Week

October 2-6, 2023

The OSL & Skeen Library celebrated the National Tutor Week in the first week of October. NMT Students wrote Thank You messages to show appreciation for our OSL Tutors and their hard work as peer educators. The messages are now displayed in the OSL area next to the Subject Board, so come and check them out!