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Requesting Reasonable Accommodations

Undergraduate and graduate students new to Office for Student Access Services (SAS) will need to complete the following steps in order to meet with someone:

  1. Submit the Student Application

Prior to your Welcome Meeting, please complete the Student Request for Reasonable Accommodations form, and submit it to Student Access Services (SAS).

  1. Schedule a Welcome Meeting

For greatest efficiency with setting up your meeting, please be sure to complete Step #1 first

Once Step 1 is completed,  Schedule your Welcome Meeting here. Meetings last approximately 45-50 minutes.  Meetings may be scheduled for inperson or Zoom.  

  1. Explore Options

During the Welcome Meeting, our goal is to keep the meeting relaxed and comfortable. A member of Student Access Services staff will talk with you about the barriers or concerns you are experiencing, reasonable accommodations to address these obstacles, documentation requirements and next steps.  

SAS Student Resources

Request Accommodations

At the beginning of every semester all students with academic accommodations will need to request their approved accommodations by submitting a Course Accessibility Letter (CAL) request form. Following the student's request for the CAL, the semester Course Accessibility Letter will be sent via the student's NMT email along with information for next steps.

Note: The student will deliver the Class Accessibility Letter to instructors and make plans with them to ensure appropriate access to accommodations.

Exam and Test Proctoring

When space and staffing is available, Student Access Services can proctor an exam. However, this option cannot be guaranteed as it is based on the regular demand and schedule for Student Access Services testing services.

Temporary Accommodations

For students who require temporary accommodations:

Questions or Concerns at Any Point in the Semester

We know that questions, challenges, and concerns can emerge unexpectedly. The Student Access Services staff will be happy to answer any follow-up questions. One of the biggest mistakes students make is waiting too long to address a concern. Contact us any of the following ways: