Masterclass Workshop on Vocal Health

Macey Center

10 Olive Lane
Socorro, NM 87801
United States

The NMT Music Program presents a masterclass workshop in vocal health, "How to Make Your Voice Last Lifetime." Gaby Benalil will lead the class. 

This Program is for anyone who does public speaking, teachers that work long hours and need your voice for the next day to survive on classroom of students, and for those that loves to sing. Learn about the proper way to use your vocal instrument. You will learn how to speak, singing without compromising your cocal chords and how to avoid hoarseness from misuse of your voice. We will approach healthy warmups , vocalizations, and voice exercises. 

5 p.m. at the Jean Macey Annex at the Macey Center.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Gaby Benalil