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Department of Communication, Liberal Arts, and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Program

The CLASS Department offers three degrees: an industry-endorsed Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication, a Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.), and an Associate’s of General Studies (A.G.S.).

BS in Technical Communication

Program Description

The Technical Communication curriculum combines courses from three fields of study to prepare students for technical communication positions upon graduation:

The TC courses introduce students to document design, graphics, and computer documentation, created online and for multimedia. The TC courses also develop students’ writing, speaking, and editing abilities.

The humanities and social science courses improve students’ understanding and appreciation of history, literature, philosophy, psychology, and the arts.

The science and technology courses provide students a background in one specific science or engineering discipline.


Bachelor of General Studies

Program Description

This degree allows a student to plan a program of courses according to individual educational goals and career plans. The Bachelor of General Studies degree will be awarded after completion of 120 credit hours with a grade‐point average of 2.0 or more. 

Associate of General Studies

Program Description

A two‐year certificate, the Associate of General Studies, may be awarded after completion of 65 credit hours of coursework approved by the CLASS department chair and the student’s AGS academic advisor with a grade‐point average of 2.0 or above. Fulfillment of the Institution’s residence requirement (30 credit hours) must also be met.