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Create. Write. Design. Communicate.

The BS in Technical Communication is perfect for students interested in science and technology as well as writing, web design,  social media, video production, and other creative media. The program consists of three main components:

1) Technical Communication - 35 cr.
2) Humanities - 12 cr.
3) Science or Engineering focus - 12 cr. 

Technical Communication opens a world of opportunities to students. From writing and editing technical documentation to graphic design and visual communication, the possibilities offered by the TC program are limited only by students’ desire to learn and explore. The TC community at NMT and broader community in the industry create a nurturing environment for the development of students’ skills and connections. The Society for Technical Communication (STC) makes the community a unique place for academic, personal, and professional growth.

Current TC students say: My favorite thing about TC at NMT is...
…being able to learn how to communicate science to others.”

-Meadow Crise

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"The program helped me become a more strategic writer [...] I learned so much about the spectrum of writing."
-Makala Kritter; Class of 2016
"I was taught to make my writing and research more organized and efficient."
-Thomas Nicholson; Class of 2016