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Department of Chemistry

Department Research

The Department of Chemistry provides an interdisciplinary research program characterized by a dedicated group of faculty members. Strong collaborations established within the department as well as within the university, and outside New Mexico Tech have further strengthened our program. Our collaborations have further broadened the impact of the department’s research while creating excellent opportunities for our students to experience working as part of a research team to solve complex scientific problems.

Our interdisciplinary research greatly influences the department’s teaching vision and mission where classroom teaching has been modified by presenting the principles of chemistry through hands-on experiences in a research setup.

Research Areas 

Bioanalytical Chemistry
Bioanalytical Chemistry

Bioanalytical Chemistry faculty uses microfluidics, microfabrication, fluorescence based detection, new fluorophore design, and, surface bio-functionalization in their research to develop new bio-analytical tools and techniques. 

Biomedical Chemistry
Biomedical and Medicinal Chemistry

Biomedical and Medicinal chemistry research at New Mexico Tech focuses on the discovery, design, synthesis and evaluation of novel bioactive molecules. 

Atmospheric Chemistry
Atmospheric Chemistry

Atmospheric Science faculty use observational data from routine observations, remote sensing and field to study global modes of variability, contaminant transport and air quality.

Physical Chemistry
Physical and Fundamental Chemistry

New Mexico Tech faculty covers a broad range of research areas that fall under the general umbrella of physical and theoretical chemistry. 

Solar Energy and Sustainability

The increase in demand in alternate energy sources to replace the use f fossil fuels has created a great interest in developing novel materials for solar energy capture, conversion and storage.