Research at Playas

The Playas Training and Research Center offers many opportunities and facilities for research.

Our location in the sunny Southwest makes this a perfect place to study solar or wind power as renewable energy. The sun is almost always out and our winds, though not constant, can be powerful!

The high altitude and clear skies are a perfect place for astronomy. We are isolated from cities, so our air is clean and smog-free.

The wide open spaces around PTRC and our state-of-the-art electronics are a great testing ground for communication and surveillance equipment and systems.

Visibility from high ground is superb and towers can connect across miles of valley floor or from peak to peak.

We have explosive ranges that can be used for research and testing.

There are unique opportunities to study the processes, costs, and effects of training (military, first responders, security, national preparedness).

Our air field is perfect for testing and development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). With plenty of room to maneuver, the sky is the limit.

Finally, there is research potential in the native flora and fauna; the high desert itself is an enchanting place.

Whatever your research interest, the Playas Training and Research Center may be an excellent venue.

What can Playas Training and Research Center offer you?

Complete Township Infrastructure:

Playas provides an established environment with streets, houses and buildings supported by operational.water, electricity, sewer, and surveillance systems.

Diverse Environments:

Playas Training and Research Center offers 400,000 acres of rural, remote, and urban ranges in high desert, mountainous, and valley locations.

Current research at PTRC currently is focused on the areas of:

Solar Power Research

Playas has about 360 days of sunshine every year, which makes the sun a familiar force. Harnessing that power makes sense and current research takes advantage of the area and the facility.