Miners Fabrication Lab

3D Printing

We are available for use by all Engineering students, clubs, and research groups. We help start prints for students, whether it is a personal, project, class project, or senior design project, all that we ask for is that you submit your files in .STL file type. You can send the files to our email at: minersfablab@gmail.com, or head over to our Contact Us page for other contact options.


Filament & Resin Policy



*There are other brands available, however we have had the best success with the brands listed above. If you choose to bring in a brand of filament different from the ones listed, please be aware that we may have to reject the filament if it does not work well on our printers to prevent damage to them.

*Print quality may vary, as filament does not have optimized settings.


3D Print Processing Times

Our processing time is at the minimum 48 hours from when we receive your print and laser requests. However, this varies depending on the size of your project and the current length of the print queue. Please contact us at minersfablab@gmail.com for a better estimate.