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Information for Faculty and Staff

Welcome Faculty and Staff!


Below are some general resources and information to help you with managing all that you do, with making referrals and self-care. We appreciate all the support you provide! 

 New Mexico Tech's Employee Assistance Program


What the CDC says about stress in the time of COVID-19



De-Stress at Work:



10 Ways to Be Mindful at Work




What To Do If You Are Concerned About A Student

BIT Referrals:

If you are moderately concerned about an NMT student or an NMT community member, we encourage you to submit a report to the NMT Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT team).  

Reporting to BIT insures that a multi-disciplinary team will look into the matter and provide the most appropriate support to the student or NMT community member.  

Behavioral Intervention Team Reporting Form   


Emergency Referrals: 

When a student is in imminent danger of hurting self or others, contact Campus Police immediately at 575-835-5555 or ext. 5555.


Mental Health Crisis During Regular Business Hours:

If the mental health crisis occurs during regular NMT business hours (Mon-Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) call the Counseling Center at ext. 6619. State that you need crisis support and provide a description of the situation that has lead to your concern. The Counseling Center will advise you of the appropriate actions to take to most effectively help the student.

Crisis Protocol


If you decide to intervene, here are some suggestions:   


Common Warning Signs of Student Distress

Additional Resources:

How Faculty Members can support students in traumatic times  

A Starter Guide on what it means to be an Ally


How Graditude Changes You and Your Brain

Self-Care Assessment Worksheet 


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