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David Padilla, Class of 2024,
Civil Engineering

About Me

I am a New Mexican, native born and raised in the Albuquerque area. My father’s career with the Bureau of Reclamation spurred my interest in civil engineering. The classes and research opportunities at New Mexico Tech have been rigorous and have helped me understand what my life as a civil engineer will really be like.

Why I chose NMT

New Mexico Tech's small, close-knit environment is what I needed to focus on my classes and course work. I'm able to truly get to know my classmates and also have one-on-one time with professors. NMT also has a reputation for providing a great education; the quality for the price is unmatched.

About my Project

During my Sophomore Research Program experience, I worked under Dr. Isabel Morris collecting data regarding concrete cylinders. The purpose of my research was to explore a nondestructive method of concrete investigation and to compare how different parameters produced differing results. The project was very hands-on and a great learning experience as I got to see how concrete strength was measured through different methods and testing procedures.

Why Support for Undergraduate Research is Important

Undergraduate research provides students with experiences and knowledge that can further their interests and shape the direction of their future. Participating in real research helps students un-derstand their coursework and what lies ahead in their degree program. Also, demonstrating participation in hands-on projects or research can be extremely valuable when applying for jobs or internships.