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Isabella Wells, Class of 2023,
Mechanical Engineering

About Me

I grew up and attended school in the small town of Aztec, NM. Unfortunately, my school didn't offer any STEM extracurricular activities or clubs so I had no idea that engineering was the degree choice for me. I decided to join a friend of mine on a campus tour of NMT; after the tour I decided I was going to attend NMT and become an engineer.

Why I chose NMT

I have always been good at math and to my understanding that was all I needed to become an engineer. After touring the campus and learning about the many projects that students were involved in, I was sold. I found the work fascinating and the campus was beautiful. My final deciding factor was the price. NMT is very affordable and has allowed me to go to college without putting myself into debt.

About my Project

I am on the Second Generation Swamp Cooler design clinic team. The project's goal is to design a new and more efficient cooler than the current standard. We are looking to reduce maintenance costs caused by corrosion and calcium build up. The air quality of our cooler should surpass that of the standard due to our easy filter replacement design. Our proprietary water application system will also allow us to use significantly less water than the standard. My team and I are currently pursuing a patent for our design. We are almost ready to submit our provisional patent application in hopes of achieving a full patent by next spring.

Why Support for Undergraduate Research is Important

Without the support that NMT alumni provide for programs like design clinic, I would not have had the opportunity to strive for a patent. This type of support is crucial in the world of academia and allows students to explore new scientific topics and areas of study. I truly feel that the research opportunities I have been given as an undergraduate have shaped me into a better engineer.