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First-Time Freshmen

New Mexico Tech seeks to admit students who are intrigued by STE2M and will thrive in a small school setting that provides an intense, focused education. Our students look forward to the challenges and opportunities presented to them alongside our faculty who share their passion for knowledge. Hands-on learners do especially well at New Mexico Tech due to the abundance of research opportunities. We invite you to explore all that New Mexico Tech has to offer!

Not sure if New Mexico Tech has the degree that you are looking for? Are you still not entirely sure what you would like to study? Do you want to get more information about a specific program? Take a look at all of our Academic Programs that we offer!

To Qualify as a First-Time Freshman

You will be considered a first-time freshman if you are currently still in high school (home school included), have a high school diploma, or have completed your GED or HiSet and have never enrolled in another college or university (excluding dual credit). If you have enrolled in another college or university after graduating high school and have 30 credit hours you will be considered a transfer student. Also, completing your GED or HiSet you will be considered a transfer student

If you have taken less than 30 credit hours at another college or university, you will be considered a transfer student, but will follow the first-time freshmen admission requirements listed below. You also will not be able to qualify for any of New Mexico Tech's merit based scholarships.

First-Time Freshmen Admission Requirements

The minimum admission requirements for a student who is classified as a first-time freshman are as follows:


Important Update: New Mexico Tech is now test semi-optional for Fall 2023. 

The minimum admission requirement for at student classified as a first-time freshman using test optional admission.

If a student is not offered admission, their application may be reevaluated upon the receipt of an updated official high school transcript and/or test scores that satisfy the above admission requirements.

Students who do not meet the admission requirements, but feel that they can succeed at New Mexico Tech may appeal their admission decision.

Applying For Undergraduate Admission as a First-Time Freshman

To be considered for admission, all students must complete the Application for Undergraduate Admission and Scholarships. You may apply online or submit a print application (PDF).

In order for the Office of Admission to evaluate an application, the following documents must be submitted:

Office of Admission

New Mexico Tech

801 Leroy Place

Socorro, NM 87801

Applying for Scholarships

No application is necessary! The Application for Undergraduate Admission and Scholarships will automatically consider the student for one of New Mexico Tech's First-Time Freshmen Merit Scholarships, Tech Tuition Assistance (New Mexico residents only), and Tuition Reduction Scholarships (non-New Mexico residents). Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the student's high school GPA and highest standardized test score. A student must be admitted before March 1 in order to be considered for any of the above scholarships.

New Mexico Tech continually updates GPA and test scores as we receive new official documents. A greater scholarship than what the student initially receives may be awarded based upon an increase of GPA and/or test scores.

Although no separate application is required for the aforementioned scholarships, New Mexico Tech does offer a list of endowed scholarships, as well as scholarships from outside organizations that students may apply for separately. Please be aware that these scholarships each have their own individual deadlines and requirements.

Additional Scholarship Information

Why New Mexico Tech is a Great Choice Financially

If you wish to be considered for Federal Student Aid, you must submit a FAFSA.

Applying for Housing

There are many great reasons to live on campus at New Mexico Tech! When living on campus students are close to their classes, the dining hall, and a variety of social events. They are also close to an assortment of important student resources such as the Office for Student Learning (OSL), the Writing and Communication Lab, and Skeen Library. Living on campus comes with some amazing perks as well, such as access to free laundry facilities and free parking!

Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The sooner that you are able to complete your Room and Board Application, the better your chances of receiving your first choice dorm! If you have any questions regarding the Room and Board Application or would like additional information about living on campus, please contact Residential Life.


Please direct any questions or concerns about the content of the Office of Admission's website to admission@nmt.edu