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Psychology and Education

The Psychology Department at New Mexico Tech is a small but robust area of research. The faculty members offer students a variety of laboratory opportunities to examine how the brain works, pathology, and other areas of applied psychology. The rigorous course work pairs well for students also interested in biology and chemistry.



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Associate Professor | Department Chair

Mark Samuels, PhD
Frank Etscorn, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Frank Etscorn, PhD

Assistant Professor

Taffeta Elliott, PhD
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Assistant Professor

Stewart Thompson, PhD
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Adjunct Instructor

Dave Thomas, MS

Psychology and Education Staff

Jilayne Hatch Department Admin 575-835-5216 Psychology and Education Cramer 106 jilayne.hatch@nmt.edu
Katy Weaver Administrative Coordinator 575-835-6322 Psychology and Education Cramer 132B katy.weaver@nmt.edu
Megha Khandelwal, Ph.D Director, Teacher Education Programs 575-835-5470 Psychology and Education Cramer 131 megha.khandelwal@nmt.edu