Dave Thomas, MS

Dave Thomas, MS

Adjunct Instructor for Psychology

  • david.thomas@nmt.edu • Fitch 203
    (575) 835 - 5127
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Dave is a graduate of NMT with a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Physics and a master's degree in Mathematics. IHe is a recipient of the Brown Award, New Mexico Tech's highest award to an undergraduate, and the Langmuir Award, given for a most significant publication. Dave also received the National Center for Science Education's Friend of Darwin Award, and served as president of the New Mexico Academy of Science, and the Coalition for Excellence on Science and Math Education (CESE).

Dave is a Fellow of the Committee for Scientific Inquiry, and spend a good deal of time debunking Bible code research, climate change deniers, 911 Truth, Flat Earthers, the fear of "chemtrails", creationist legislation, and Intelligent Design. 

Dave enjoys juggling, magic and playing bluegrass and roots music with various groups from Socorro, Belen and Albuquerque.