Below is a list of recent theses by New Mexico Tech graduate students.


Year Degree Earned  Dissertation or Thesis Title Student Supervising Professor(s)
2014  Ph.D Not Dead Yet: Low­-Level Star Formation and Active Galactic Nuclei in the Continued Evolution of Early ­Type Galaxies in the Nearby Universe Kristina Nyland  Dr. Lisa Young
2014  Ph.D Tropical Cyclogenisis: Interaction between Dynamics and Thermodynamics Saska Gjorgjievska Dr. Dave Raymond
2014  Ph.D Broadband Interferometry of Lightning Mike Stock Dr. Paul Krehbiel
2014 Ph.D. Characterization and Analysis of Near Earth Meteoroids via Lunar Impact Observations Jed Rembold Dr. Eileen Ryan (MRO) & Dr. David Westpfahl
2014    M.S The VLA Atmospheric Phase Interferometer Keith Morris Dr. Richard Sonnenfeld
2011    Ph.D A High Resolution Study of the Cold Gas in Early-type of Galaxies Danielle Lucero Dr. Lisa Young
2011  Ph.D. Observational Evidence for Shearing Spiral Patterns in
Jason Speights Dr. Dave Westpfahl
2011  Ph.D. Searching for Cosmic Reionization with the Hl 21cm Signal Abhirup Datta Dr. Chris Carilli (NRAO) & Dr. Jean Eilek
2010 Ph.D. Paremeterized Deconvolution for Wide-Band Radio Synthesis Imaging Urvashi Rao Venkata Dr. Tim Cornwell (ATNF) & Dr. Jean Eilek
2010    M.S Testing the SOC Hypothesis of Tropical Precipitation Using a Cloud Resolving Model Satomi Sugaya Dr. Sharon Sessions
2010    M.S. Development and Test of the Langmuir Electric Field Array Jianhua Zhang Dr. Richard Sonnenfeld
2009 Ph.D. Non-Perturbative Aspects of Quantum Electrodynamics and Investigations in Matrix Gravity Guglielmo Fucci Dr. Ivan Avramidi
2009 Ph.D. Analysis of Change Transfer in Intracloud Lighting using a Time-Dependent Multi-Dipole Model Gaopeng Lu Dr. W.P. Winn & Dr. Richard Sonnenfeld
2008 Ph.D. From Established to Potentially New Probes of Massive Star Formation Esteban Araya Dr. Peter Hofner
2008  M.S. Commandable Cut-Down and Tracking Instrument for Lightning Research, and Correlation Study Between Lightning Flash Counts and Meteorological Parameters Will Walden-Newman Dr. Richard Sonnenfeld
2007 Ph.D. Using the Lightning Mapping Array to Study Rapiation Patterns of Lightning Jeremiah Harlin Dr. Paul Krehbiel
2007 Ph.D. Emission Mechanisms in Low Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei James Anderson Dr. Jean Eilek & Dr. James Ulvestad (NRAO)
2006 Ph.D. Large-Scale Modes of the Tropical Atmosphere Zeljka Fuchs Dr. David Raymond
2006 Ph.D. Energy Deposition, Spectral Effects, and Neutron Multiplicity of an Electron Driven Nuclear Assembly William Conwell Dr. David Westpfahl
2006 Ph.D. 129Xe Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Carbon Nanotubes Catherine Clewett Dr. W.P. Winn
2005 Ph.D. New Mexico Tech Lightning Mapping Array Timothy Hamlin Dr. Paul Krehbiel
2005 Ph.D. Imaging a Laser Guide Star with Thermal and Coating Variations in the Primary Mirror Denis Oesch Dr. David Westpfahl
2005 Ph.D. Dynamics of Thermal and Non-Thermal Components of ICM Tomislav Markovic Dr Frazer Owen (NRAO) & Dr. Jean Eilek
2005  M.S. A Balloon Born Instrument for Measuring Three Dimensional Charge Movement in Thunderstorms John D. Battles Dr. Richard Sonnenfeld
2004  M.S. Time Evolution of the Fractal Dimension of Turbulent Flows James W. Caruthers Dr. David Westpfahl
2004 Ph.D. Dispersion, Scatter Broadening, And The Intrinsic Structure Of Crab Giant Pulses Jeff Kern Dr. Tim Hankins
2004  M.S. Reynolds Number Dependence of the Fractal Dimension of Turbulent Plumes Craig Miller Dr. David Westpfahl
2004  M.S. Radio Continuum and Star Formation in Elliptical galaxies Danielle Lucero Dr. Lisa Young
2003 Ph.D. Magnetospheres Of Isolated Radio Pulsars Paul Arendt Dr. Jean Eilek
2003  M.S. An Anomalous Dispersion Event from the Crab Pulsar Joe Dickerson Dr. Timothy Hankins
2003  M.S. The Inversion of Solar Stokes Profiles using Principal Component Analysis Mike Eydenberg Dr. K.S. Balasubramaniam (NSO) & Dr. Ken Minschwaner
2003  M.S. Optical Strength of Atmospheric Turbulence Dale James Neimeier Dr. Scott Teare (NMT Elect. Eng.)
  Measurements of annular Couette flow stability at the fluid Reynolds number Re=4.4×10^6: The fluid dynamic precursor to a liquid sodium dynamo Howard Beckley Dr. Stirling Colgate
2003 Ph.D. Measurements of the Surface Flux Velocity of Nanometer-size Particles Over the High Desert Terrain of New Mexico Fred Yarger Dr. Stephen Schery
2002 Ph.D. Moisture interchange between clouds and environment in a tropical atmosphere Carlos Lopez Carrillo Dr. David Raymond
2001   M.S. Linear Modes of Raymond’s Model of a Moist Atmosphere Zeljka Fuchs Dr. David Raymond
2001    M.S. Dipolar and Quadrupolar Interferences in the 13CD2Spin Grouping Luis A. Velarde Dr. Larry Werbelow
2002 Ph.D. Ensemble Simulation of Tropical Covection Xiping Zeng Dr. David Raymond
2000  M.S. Effect of Cloud Fraction on Surface UV from Simultaneous UV Radiometer Measurements and All-sky Visible Images Dongqi Liu Dr. Ken Minschwaner
2000  M.S. Studies of the Effect of Dust Loading on the Alpha-Particle Energy Spectrum for Radioactive Aerosol Particles Deposited on Filters Raúl E. Alcántara Aragón Dr. Stephen Schery
1999 Ph.D. Evidence For A Circumnuclear Torusin Edge-On Radio Galaxies Alison Peck Dr. Greg Taylor (NRAO) & Dr. David Westpfahl
1999  Ph.D Dual-Polarization Radar Meteorology: A geometrical approach Richard David Scott Dr. Paul Krehbiel
1999    M.S. Blast Wave Attenuation of Octol 70/30 Charges in Cloth Filled Cases Joseph A. Gatto Dr. David Westpfahl & Dr. Van Romero
1998    M.S Pulsars and Chaos Tracey DeLaney Dr. Jim Weatherall
1998 Ph.D. Radio Observational Studies of M87 Fang Zhou Dr. Frazer Owen (NRAO) & Dr. Jean Eilek
1997 Ph.D. High Frequency Radio Properties Of The Crab Nebula Pulsar David Moffett Dr. Timothy Hankins
1995      M.S. A New Parallelized Cosmological Particle-Mesh Code and Tests of an Improved ? CDM Model Clay C. Smith  
1993    M.S. Faraday Rotation of M87 Fang Zhou Dr. Frazer Owen (NRAO) & Dr. Jean Eilek
1993    M.S. The Structure of Solar Active Regions as Inferred from Multifrequency VLA Observations Angelos Vourlidas Dr. Tim Bastian (NRAO) & Dr. Jean Eilek
1992 Ph.D. Pulsar Mode-Changing and Emission Beam Geometry Mark M. McKinnon’s Dr. Tim Hankins
1992   M.S. The Effect of Environment on the Radio/Far Infrared Correlation in Spiral Galaxies Victor Anderson Dr. Frazer Owen
1990 Ph.D.   Shao-Hong-Han Bob Hjellming (NRAO)
1990   M.S. The Role of Muscle Tension Receptors in Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Bradley R. Berg  
1989 Ph.D. VLA Observatory of Wide Angle Tail Radio Sources and an Investigation of Flow Models and Bending Dynamics Aileen O’ Donoghue Dr. Jean Eilek & Dr. Frazer Owen (NRAO)
1989    M.S. The Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect as an Indicator for Hydrodynamically Confined Radio Jets Mark M. McKinnon Dr. Frazer Owen (NRAO)
1988   M.S.   David Craig  
1988    M.S. On Finding Charges in Thunderclouds From Aircraft Measurements of Electric Vector Feng Han Dr. William Winn
1988   M.S. The Small Scale Structure of the Interstellar Medium in the Direction of the Orion OB1 Association Eftyhia Zesta  
1987   M.S. A High Resolution Study of the Inner Two Kiloparsecs of M87 at 6cm Dean Carter Hines Dr. Frazer Owen (NRAO) & Dr. Jean Eilek
1982    M.S. VLA Observations of Quiescent and Flaring Emission from dMe Stars Paul L. Fisher Dr. Bob Hjellming (NRAO)
1982    M.S. A Vertical Scanning 11-cm Radar for Investigating Lightning/Precipitation Relationships Anthony Armstrong Atchley  
1981    M.S. VLA Observations of Extragalactic X-ray Sources and a Galactic Gamma-Ray Source Shawn P. Ewald Dr. Bob Hjellming (NRAO)
1980    M.S. Dispersion and Wave Coalescence in a Relativistic Plasma Barry A. Sabol Dr. Albert Petschek
1979   M.S. Atmospheric Electrical Parameters in the Carlsbad Caverns Van Romero  
1977 Ph.D. The Effect of Corona Discharge on Electric Fields Beneath Thunderstorms Ronald B. Standler Dr. William Winn
1976    M.S. The behavior of the Evaporation Rate of a Water Drop Under the Influence of an Electric Field William M. Cambier Dr. Marx Brooks
1975    M.S. Search for Anisotropy in the Arrival Directions of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays Aka G. Finci  
1975    M.S. The Response of Elevated Conductors to Lightning Ronald B. Standler  
1974 Ph.D. Convective Electrification of Clouds Chin-Shan Chiu  
1973    M.S. A Numerical Study of Wind Flows Over a Mountain Ridge Stephen C. Roehrig Dr. Marvin Wilkening
1973    M.S. Electric Field Meters for Measurement of the Horizontal Field Components Beneath Electrified Thunderstorms Roger A. Nelson  
1972    M.S. The Effect of an Electric Field on the Evaporation Rates of Water Drops Elena S. Lobl  
1972    M.S. A High Resolution Radar for Studies of Precipitation Associated with Lightning Edwin Szymanski Dr. Charles Holmes
1972 Ph.D. Investigation into the Production and Distribution of Atmospheric Ozone Beneath Thunderclouds Alexis Shlanta  
1971    M.S. Balloon-Bourne Electric Field Mills for use in Thunderclouds David Clark  
1968    M.S. A Study of Recoiling Atom Electronic Interactions Joseph F. Skovron  
1968    M.S. Energy Exchange Between the Interplanetary Magnetic Field and the Magnetosphere David J. Mendez Dr. Ross Lomanitz
1967    M.S. Luminosity of Supernova up to Maximum Chester R. McKee Dr. Stirling Colgate
1965    M.S. A Study of the Conductivity of Ice in the Basal Plane Gary N. Jarvela Dr. Gerardo Gross
1965    M.S. Perturbations in Velocities and Magnetic Fields Due to Flow of a Perfectly Conducting, Inviscid, Incompressible Fluid Past a Non-Magnetic Thin Body Vivian L. Kan Dr. Ross Lomanitz
1965    M.S. Analysis of the Operation of the Gerdien Conductivity Apparatus Earl V. Long III Dr. M. Wilkening & Dr. W. Crozier
1964    M.S. A Study of Thunder from Close Lightning Discharges Don J. Latham Dr. Marx Brook
1964    M.S. Microbarometric Oscillations in a Calm Atmosphere Charles M. Fullerton Dr. Charles Holmes
1964    M.S. Mobility Distribution of Radon-Daughter Ions Ronald D. Stanley  
1964    M.S. A Study of Ground Motion Caused By Air Explosions, Sonic Booms, and Thunder Donald D. Thayer Dr. Charles Holmes
1962    M.S. The Relationship Between Atmospheric Electrical Variables and the Wind Mitchel F. Bloom  
1958    M.S. A Study of Atmospheric Space-Charge Density Near the Surface of the Earth Duane H. Williams  
1956    M.S. Investigation of the Cation Exchange Theory of Induced Electrical Polarization by Means of a Radioactive Tracer Michel La Vergne  
1956    M.S. A Theoretical Study of Induced Electrical Polarization Richard H. Frische Dr. Haro von Buttlar