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Preliminary Examination

All graduate candidates must pass a preliminary examination, within a timeline dependent upon their undergraduate preparation and the degree being sought.

Preliminary Examination Policy (pdf)

We have a new 5 year B.S./M.S. degree in the Department

B.S. students in the first semester of their Junior year in the department should consider applying for the B.S./M.S., which can be combined with concentrations or double-majors as well.  If admitted, you can start research toward an M.S. during your Senior year with us, and are eligible for TA/RA funding during the 5th year while you attain your M.S. in Physics.

New 5 year degree requirements (pdf).

MS in Physics

General Description

All students are required to pass a preliminary exam (“prelim”) at the MS level. The prelim covers material in physics and mathematics normally included in the undergraduate physics curriculum. The department offers the exam at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. Failure to pass this exam in the timeline established on entry to the program usually results in disenrollment from the graduate physics program.

MS in Physics with Specialization in Instrumentation

PhD in Physics